North-West state medical university

Department of ophthalmology

M.D., professor
(Alexeyev V.N.)

Topics of lectures.

For 4 course students, faculty of foreign students,


8 semester

Anatomy and Physiology of the Eye (Eye and Ocular Adnexa), Clinical examination of the eye and adnexa (History, Altered vision, Changes in appearance),

Act of vision. Visual Acuity and Color Vision, Visual acuity testing, Color vision testing, Visual fields, Visual field testing.

Optics and Refractive Error, Physiological optics. Myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism: their classification and correction. Principles of prescribing and using spectacles. Accomodation, its characteristics and pathology. Presbiopia, its correction. Hygyene of vision.

Binocular Vision and Strabismus. Investigation of Binocular Vision. Strabismus, its classification and Occurrence. Examination and Treatment of a Strabismus Patient.

Disorders of eyelids, and lacrimal apparatus. Diseases of the conjunctiva (Symptoms, diagnosis and Treatment of conjunctivitis).

9 semester

Diseases of sclera (scleritis). Disorders of Cornea. Diagnosis of corneal infections, treatment of keratitis. Keratopathies, degenerative and non-infectious. Congenital corneal anomalies. Uveitis. Pathogenesis, Classification, Symptoms and Signs of Uveitis. Acute Anterior Uveitis. Therapeutic Aspects of Uveitis.

Lens and Cataract. Classification by morphology, etiology, stage. Signs and symptoms, Physical examination, Indication for surgery. Cataract surgery, Visual rehabilitation. Vitreous. Vitreous Opacities, Vitreous Hemorrhage.

Glaucoma. Significance of glaucoma, classification, clinical examinations. Therapy of Glaucoma (Medical treatment, laser therapy, surgery).

Retinal and optic nerve diseases. Age-related Macular Degeneration (ARMD), Diabetic Retinopathy, Retinal Detachment, Retinal artery and vein Occlusion. Optic neuritis. Papilledema. Optic Nerve Atrophy.

Ocular and Orbital Traumas. Perforating Injuries of the Cornea and Sclera, Intraocular Foreign Bodies. Chemical Burns of the Eye. Blunt Trauma. Eye and sarcoidosis, Toxoplasmosis, uveal melanoma.