North-West State Medical University

Department of ophthalmology

professor (Alexeyev V.N.)

The main practical ophthalmologic manipulations.

1.    Visual acuity testing without correction.

2.    Subjective examination of refraction.

3.    Visual field testing Confrontation perimetry (finger perimetry).

4.    Examination of the extraocular muscle function.

5.    Examination of the palpebral conjunctiva of the lower and upper lids.

6.    Examination of the corneal sensitivity with a cotton wisp.

7.    Examination of the anterior segment of the eye with a penlight.

8.    Assessment of the clarity of the refractive media with the direct ophthalmoscope.

9.    Examination of the pupillary reactions.

10.Estimation of the intraocular pressure by palpation.

11.application of the eye drops and eye ointment.

12.Bandage of the injured eyes (both and one).

13.Removing of the superficial corneal and conjunctival foreign bodies.


Chief of the educational section,


(Levko M.)